2021 NFL Draft Scouting Report: Alabama iOL Landon Dickerson

HEIGHT: 6-6 / WEIGHT: 333 / COLLEGE: Alabama / CLASS: Redshirt Senior

GAMES WATCHED (6): Missouri, Mississippi State, Auburn, Kentucky (2020); LSU, South Carolina (2019)



  • Enormous for an interior offensive lineman
  • Massive frame makes him tough to get around
  • Arm length (33 1/4″) is more than sufficient for an interior offensive lineman


  • Sustains blocks with very good consistency
  • Immovable when he drops anchor against bull rush
  • Tremendous grip strength — effectively eliminates defenders from plays once he gets hands placed
  • Got caught leaning a couple times in pass protection


  • Incredible drive blocker — bullies defenders off the line of scrimmage nearly every play; racks up pancake blocks
  • Excellent at sealing running lanes
  • Does well blocking inside zone
  • Not a top-tier athlete in terms of movement skills, but has enough functional athleticism to be solid in a wide zone running scheme


  • Patient pass protector
  • Plays with a wide base and good balance
  • Keeps feet active after initial contact to keep blocks intact
  • Great timing on combo blocks
  • Has knockback power in punch
  • Plays with desired pad level and uses leverage to his advantage
  • Punches are accurate and well-timed, for the most part
  • Good at refitting his hands if his initial punch doesn’t land cleanly
  • Can get caught leaning in pass protection from time to time


  • Does well pulling in shorter areas
  • Mirrors well in pass protection
  • Doesn’t have “great” recovery athleticism, but rarely needs it because IQ, strength and technique prevent him from getting beat
  • Quickness working up to the second-level is just OK, slightly limits his ability to reach targets early on wide zone running plays


  • Always looks for work
  • Shows great awareness of blitzes and stunts
  • Maintains focus on assignment and doesn’t get distracted by defenders that flash in front of his face


  • Has a history of season-ending injuries — tore ACL in 2016 and in 2020 SEC Championship Game; had season-ending ankle injury in 2017; missed most of 2018 with a sprained ankle

OVERALL GRADE: 88.50/100.00 — 1ST ROUND — Rookie starter with Pro Bowl potential

SCHEME FIT: Scheme-versatile, but fits best in a gap scheme.

DRAFT PROJECTION: 2nd-3rd round

“Landon Dickerson is my highest-graded center prospect over the last eight draft classes without factoring in durability concerns. His film from the last two seasons at Alabama was very dominant, making it tough to poke holes in his game. On the field, he doesn’t have any big weaknesses. His athleticism, in theory, could be a limitation when he’s pitted against super athletic interior defensive linemen, but that’s true for 99% of interior offensive linemen. He makes up for his minor deficiencies athletically with high football IQ, good technique and tremendous play strength. His ceiling is highest in a gap scheme where he can use his power to open up massive running lanes, but he’s shown he can work in a zone scheme as well. Dickerson has the potential to be an All-Pro-caliber player in the NFL, but he needs to find a way to stay healthy.”

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