2021 NFL Draft Scouting Report: Northwestern OT Rashawn Slater

HEIGHT: 6-4 / WEIGHT: 304 / COLLEGE: Northwestern / CLASS: Senior

GAMES WATCHED (4): Ohio State, Michigan State, Purdue, Stanford (2019)



  • Solid body build and BMI for an NFL offensive tackle
  • Arm length (33″) is a little shorter than ideal for his position — might struggle somewhat with longer-limbed NFL pass rushers
  • Ceiling might be even higher at guard or center


  • Very consistent sustain in pass-blocking snaps
  • Impressive showing against Ohio State and Chase Young in 2019
  • Shows ability to drop anchor vs. bull rush
  • Good grip strength
  • Rarely gets beat inside
  • Over-committed slightly on a couple of outside rush fakes
  • Minor struggles with length present on college film; lets defenders into his chest at times


  • Good zone blocker — smooth athlete in space that consistently connects on second-level blocks
  • Excellent at reach blocks
  • Very good at sealing running lanes
  • Not physically dominant as a drive-blocker — has adequate upper and lower-body power, but doesn’t really create a lot of movement off the ball or rack up pancake blocks

TECHNIQUE (11.25/15)

  • Patient pass protector
  • Slides feet and mirrors nicely after making initial contact
  • Bends at the knee and uses leverage to his advantage
  • Smooth and efficient kick-slide footwork
  • Excellent timing on combo blocks
  • Stays square to assignment and doesn’t get overextended
  • Accurate hand strikes
  • Really good at refitting his hands if his initial punch doesn’t land cleanly
  • Could be quicker to shoot hands at times
  • Punch lands wide too often
  • Could be more consistent at sinking hips when drive blocking


  • Smooth and explosive athlete
  • Flexible body, balance and agility help him to recover if he’s knocked back or faked out by a pass-rush move
  • Athleticism consistently shows up on traps and pulls


  • Superb awareness of blitzes and stunts
  • Always looking for working
  • Maintains focus on assignment and doesn’t get distracted by unblocked defenders that flash in front of his face

OVERALL GRADE: 87.25/100.00 — 1ST ROUND — Quality starter with Pro Bowl potential

SCHEME FIT: Scheme-versatile, but fits best in a zone-blocking scheme.


Rashawn Slater is an athlete and a technician at the offensive tackle position. His arm length will lead some to project him to guard or center, but his film, especially against Chase Young in 2019, shows he can remain on the outside and play at a high level in the NFL. Slater can continue to develop his body, refine his technique and get stronger at the next level, but he has all of the traits needed to develop into a perennial Pro Bowler as a perimeter blocker.

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