2021 NFL Draft Scouting Report: BYU QB Zach Wilson

HEIGHT: 6-2 / WEIGHT: 214 / COLLEGE: BYU / CLASS: Junior

2020 STATS (12 GAMES): 247/336, 73.5%, 3,692 yards, 11 YPA, 33 touchdowns, 3 interceptions, 196.4 passer rating

CAREER STATS (30 GAMES): 566/837, 67.6%, 7,652 yards, 9.1 YPA, 56 touchdowns, 15 interceptions, 162.9 passer rating

GAMES WATCHED (13): Every start (2020); Washington (2019)



  • Good three-level accuracy (short, intermediate and deep)
  • Accurate on the move rolling to either side
  • Solid ball placement, but has a tendency to underthrow deep passes
  • Able to hit tight-window throws consistently
  • Ability to vary ball speeds/throw with touch
  • Able to alter arm angles without compromising accuracy
  • Was rarely under any significant pressure in 2020 so it’s difficult to say with confidence how accurate he is when rushed
  • Sailed throws at times due to over-striding


  • Cannon of a right arm
  • Able to access every level of the field with his velocity
  • Drives the ball into tight windows down the field and from the far hash
  • Able to cover at least 65 yards of vertical distance
  • Maintains velocity on the move
  • Compensates well with arm strength/velocity when he doesn’t have his feet set, for the most part


  • Pretty good pre-snap vision
  • Solid processing speed
  • Shows ability to work through full-field reads
  • Sound decision-maker, for the most part
  • Good timing and anticipation when throwing outside the numbers
  • Shows ability to move linebackers and safeties with eyes
  • Pretty good internal clock
  • Unafraid to take downfield shots and test tight coverage
  • Can be too concerned with taking deep shots — will pass up guaranteed yards underneath at times for much more difficult throws
  • Predetermines where he’s throwing at times
  • Occasionally leads receivers into punishing hits
  • Has some issues with vision, timing and anticipation when throwing over the middle of the field
  • Threw some careless no-look shovel passes that could’ve been intercepted
  • Miniscule sample size of decision-making vs. pressure to assess in 2020


  • Knows how to slide within the pocket to find throwing lanes
  • Feels edge pressure fairly well and steps up to avoid it or looks to escape the pocket when needed
  • Takes deep drops and doesn’t step up as frequently as he should (creates own pressure at times)
  • Can be a little quick to bail on clean pockets and will needlessly resort to “backyard football” playstyle at times
  • Generally keeps eyes up when pressure closes in
  • Shows poise to stand in the pocket and throw under pressure


  • Smooth, snappy, over-the-shoulder delivery
  • Typically does a good job of driving the ball with his lower half
  • Keeps a wide enough base when setting up to throw
  • Does a good job of resetting feet and staying ready to throw when forced to move in the pocket
  • Will over-stride at times
  • False step at the top of drop can throw off timing of throws occasionally
  • Locks lead leg and sails throws at times


  • Solid mobility — not a dynamic athlete, but has enough speed to keep defenses honest (high 4.7/low 4.8 40?)
  • Light on feet and shows some shiftiness as a runner
  • Fairly elusive in the pocket
  • Has created some explosive passing plays when flushed outside of the pocket


  • 3-year starter
  • Showed massive improvement as a junior
  • Shows toughness in the pocket
  • Only one good year of production
  • Level of competition concerns — played very few ranked teams/NFL-caliber players

OVERALL GRADE: 81.50/100.00 — 1ST ROUND — Quality starter with Pro Bowl potential

NFL COMPARISON: Baker Mayfield

SCHEME FIT: Has the arm talent to be scheme-versatile, but may translate most easily into a vertical offense.


Zach Wilson has the potential to become a top-10 NFL quarterback with his combination of high-end arm talent, processing potential, athleticism and off-script playmaking ability. Play vs. pressure and ability to process more complex coverages and blitz packages are undoubtedly the biggest lingering questions for Wilson in the pre-draft process. In his one game against a ranked opponent (Coastal Carolina) in 2020, he played OK but struggled a little with accuracy and decision-making. Wilson projects as a decent rookie starter and potential franchise quarterback, but there’s room to improve with his decision-making, timing, anticipation and pocket management.

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