2021 NFL Draft scouting Report: Clemson QB Trevor Lawrence

HEIGHT: 6-6 / WEIGHT: 213 / COLLEGE: Clemson / CLASS: Junior

2020 STATS (10 GAMES): 231/334, 69.2%, 3,153 yards, 9.4 YPA, 24 touchdowns, 5 interceptions, 169.2 RATE

CAREER STATS (40 GAMES): 758/1,138, 66.6%, 10,098 yards, 8.9 YPA, 90 touchdowns. 17 interceptions, 164.3 RATE

GAMES WATCHED (15):  Every start (2020); Ohio State, North Carolina, Virginia, Syracuse (2019); Notre Dame (2018)



  • Good three-level accuracy (short, intermediate and deep)
  • Sharp accuracy on the move rolling to either side
  • Impressive ball placement — consistently leads receivers to YAC and protects them from big hits
  • Makes tight-window throws routinely
  • Feathery soft touch to drop the ball in the bucket over defenders
  • Can deliver the ball accurately under duress/with compromised throwing base
  • Able to throw accurately from a variety of arm slots
  • Occasionally a little high on intermediate throws over the middle of the field


  • Absolute cannon of an arm
  • Has prototypical drive velocity for deep and far-hash throws
  • Has zero trouble accessing tight windows at any level of the field
  • Makes deep out-breaking routes look easy to throw
  • Throws 60-plus yards with ease
  • Maintains velocity on the move
  • Has enough arm strength/velocity to hit tight-window throws down the field without a full follow-through or while fading away


  • Excellent pre- and post-snap field vision
  • Able to get the ball out to first read often because he’s so good at identifying favorable matchups/coverage vulnerabilities before the ball is snapped
  • Quick through progressions
  • Reads the whole field when necessary
  • Recognizes blitz consistently and makes necessary adjustment
  • Influences defenders with eyes to open throwing windows vs. zone coverage
  • Good internal clock — rarely holds the ball longer than he needs to, doesn’t take many unnecessary sacks and knows when to tuck the ball and run or escape the pocket to throw
  • Good anticipation — throws receivers open, anticipates where windows will be
  • Generally a good decision-maker; takes calculated risks and is unafraid to take downfield shots and test tight coverage
  • In 2019, went through a bit of a rough patch with decision-making early in the season because a) he’d occasionally predetermine a throw and force the ball to a covered receiver who didn’t didn’t have a real chance to make a play on it or b) air out a few “gunslinger” throws where he saw a defender that had a pretty good chance to jump a route but trusted his arm too much and tried to fit the ball in anyway
  • Locking on to primary read and trusting arm too much were issues that showed up a little bit in 2020, but at a less frequent rate than in 2019


  • Great pocket mobility and awareness — feels backside pressure well and climbs, sidesteps or escapes the pocket to keep plays alive on a regular basis
  • Tremendous poise — completely unfazed by pressure; does a great job of keeping his eyes downfield when he sees a free rusher or feels the pocket collapsing around him


  • Lightning-quick over-the-shoulder release
  • Picture-perfect mechanics on the move with shoulders and hips always squared to the target
  • Does a nice job of using hitch steps to stay in a ready-to-throw position when he’s forced off the spot of his drop
  • Drop footwork is smooth and rhythmic
  • Typically secures the football with two hands as he navigates the pocket or looks to escape; however, ball security popped up as a minor issue when he ran in 2020 (five fumbles in 10 games)


  • VERY GOOD athlete, especially for his size (looks like he’d run 40-yard dash in the low 4.6s)
  • Threat to create big gains on designed QB runs
  • Has some make-you-miss in the open field
  • Has strength to break tackles and elusiveness to break the pocket and extend plays
  • Possesses speed to outrun most defensive linemen
  • Regularly extends plays outside of the pocket when needed and is deadly accurate throwing on the move


  • Three-year starter
  • Won starting quarterback job and excelled from game one as a true freshman at a powerhouse program
  • Helped Clemson win a national championship as a true freshman
  • Incredibly productive in a large sample size of games
  • 34-2 career record as starting quarterback for Clemson
  • Universally praised by Clemson teammates and coaching staff for character and leadership
  • Shows great toughness in the pocket
  • Showed significant improvement from freshman to junior year

OVERALL GRADE: 92.75/100.00 — ELITE — Future All-Pro/Top-5 potential at position

SCHEME FIT: Scheme-versatile

DRAFT PROJECTION: No. 1 overall pick

Trevor Lawrence is one of the most physically gifted college quarterbacks I’ve ever seen. His arm talent is rivaled only by Patrick Mahomes as far as college prospects I’ve studied since 2014 are concerned. His athletic ability is also among the best I’ve seen from a top quarterback prospect over the same time frame. Aside from Marcus Mariota, Lamar Jackson, Kyler Murray and Justin Fields, he’s the most athletic first-round quarterback prospect I’ve seen since 2014. In terms of NFL outlook, Lawrence projects as a solid starter (at worst) right off the bat. In a few years, he has the potential to become a top-2 quarterback in the NFL.

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