2019 NFL Draft Scouting Report: Washington State OT Andre Dillard



COLLEGE: Washington State

CLASS: Redshirt Senior

GAMES WATCHED (6): USC, Oregon, Oregon State, Wyoming, Washington, Arizona (2018)

4.96 24 29″ 118″ 7.44 4.4


  • Good offensive tackle size at 6-5, 315
  • Average arm length at 33 1/2″


  • Shows good sustain in pass protection
  • Lacks ideal anchor strength against power rushers — can get bull rushed into the quarterback’s lap
  • Doesn’t strike with much power
  • Shows good grip strength when his hand fits are sound
  • Doesn’t give up the inside path
  • Surrendered several edge pressures due to inefficient footwork


  • Very limited experience as a run blocker
  • Doesn’t play with much power or physicality in the run game
  • Doesn’t finish blocks consistently
  • More of a position run blocker than mauler
  • Takes good angles to second level targets as a pulling lineman

TECHNIQUE (7.5/15)

  • Patient in pass protection — won’t be caught lunging often
  • Kick-slide stride length is concerning — doesn’t consistently cover ground quickly
  • Likes to lock out elbows completely and play at arm’s length in pass protection — this technique gives him less grip strength/control
  • Erratic with hand placement and punch timing — gives up chest too often
  • Active feet to slide and mirror
  • Doesn’t sink hips consistently when drive blocking


  • Top-notch athleticism for an offensive lineman
  • Features some of the quickest feet in the class for a player in his position group
  • Fluid mover in space as a puller
  • Excellent recovery athleticism


  • Good blitz recognition
  • Does a good job of passing off stunts
  • Stays connected to assignment and doesn’t get distracted by unblocked defenders that flash in front of his face

OVERALL GRADE: 78.00/100.00 — 2ND ROUND — Complimentary starter or raw player with star potential

SCHEME FIT: Zone-blocking scheme

DRAFT PROJECTION: Mid-late 1st round

“Andre Dillard is an intriguing zone-blocking offensive tackle prospect. He definitely has the traits to project as a capable starter, but he’ll need to significantly improve his core strength and overall technique in order to reach his ceiling. He integrated more angle sets and kick-slides into his pass set repertoire in 2018, but he still has plenty of work to do with technical refinement. Dillard may face a steep developmental curve, in large part because of what Washington State asked him to do from a technique standpoint. As a result, he may not be a plug-and-play starter, but his upside is high enough to warrant a second-round pick.” — Dan Wussow

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