2019 NFL Draft Scouting Report: Oklahoma OT Cody Ford



COLLEGE: Oklahoma

CLASS: Redshirt Junior

GAMES WATCHED (7): Alabama, UCLA, West Virginia, Florida Atlantic, Iowa State, Army, Baylor (2018)

5.21 19 28.5″ 104″ 8.27 4.87


  • Massive body frame without bad weight
  • Good length for the offensive tackle position (34″ arms)


  • Does a pretty good job of sustaining blocks in pass protection reps despite inconsistent hand placement (allowed just seven pressures and one sack in all of 2018)
  • Generally mirrors well and doesn’t give up the inside path
  • Anchors well and doesn’t give up much, if any, ground to power rushers who try to get under his pads
  • Excellent grip strength to lock out defenders once he lands his punch — effectively eliminates pass rushers from the play once he locks his grip in
  • Occasionally gives up the outside edge or is nearly beaten around the outside edge due to inefficient footwork


  • Road-grading run blocker — physical finisher who displays outstanding effort on every rep; always plays through the whistle
  • Occasionally overruns targets on second level blocks

TECHNIQUE (10.5/15)

  • Footwork is consistently balanced, but at times inefficient — has good foot quickness and is perfectly capable of generating needed depth out of kick-slide to match outside edge speed
  • Patient pass blocker — rarely lunges or gets off balance
  • Bends knees and generally plays with good pad level in pass blocking reps
  • Hand placement is inconsistent — hands land wide sometimes, but reach helps compensate; can refit hands and gain control if initial placement isn’t perfect
  • Keeps feet moving laterally to sustain blocks in pass protection reps
  • Good timing on combo blocks
  • Has good “pop” in has hands, but sometimes he’ll “catch” defenders instead of shooting his hands powerfully; can be late with his punch on occasion
  • Pad level can get high when run blocking


  • Good athlete for 330 lbs.
  • Good foot quickness out of kick-slide with proper footwork — can cut off outside edge angles when presented with speed rush
  • Fluid mover on zone-blocking concepts — has enough quickness to pull to the opposite side of the formation/pull to the second level and reach landmarks
  • Length and functional athleticism afford him recovery opportunities on occasions where he loses a rep early in the play


  • Good processor who recognizes twists/stunts and adjusts accordingly


  • Missed majority of 2016 season with broken tibia

OVERALL GRADE: 85.00/100.00 — 1ST ROUND — Rookie starter; top-15 player at position/Pro Bowl potential

SCHEME FIT: Great fit for gap-blocking scheme; athletic enough to fit zone-blocking scheme


“Cody Ford has gotten a good share of guard projections at the next level, but I believe that his movement skills and length give him plenty of upside at the more highly-valued position of offensive tackle. He’s the best run-blocking offensive tackle in this year’s draft class, and he’s one of the position group’s best pass blockers as well, despite one year of starting experience and technical inconsistencies. If a good offensive line coach gets their hands on Ford, he could easily be molded into one of the top right tackles in the NFL after a few seasons.” — Dan Wussow

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