2019 NFL Draft Scouting Report: LSU LB Devin White




CLASS: Junior

2018 STATS: 123 tackles, 12 tackles for loss, 3 sacks, 6 passes defended, 3 forced fumbles (13 games)

CAREER STATS: 286 tackles, 28.5 tackles for loss, 8.5 sacks, 1 interception, 9 passes defended, 4 forced fumbles (34 games)

GAMES WATCHED (6): Ole Miss, Alabama, Louisiana Tech, Auburn, Miami, Georgia

4.42 22 39.5″ 118″ 7.07 4.17


  • Play recognition and instincts are average
  • Occasional lapses with reads — can be a tick slow to diagnose plays; will lose sight of the ball-carrier on play-action fakes; fills the wrong gap or overshoots his gap at times (improved significantly with reads from 2017 to 2018, however)


  • Elite sideline-to-sideline range
  • Covers ground quickly in every direction
  • Fluid hips allow for quick and easy change-of-direction


  • Struggles to play through contact on a consistent basis — can get swallowed up by blockers/washed out of gaps or pancaked due to pad level
  • Clearly has significant upper body strength but doesn’t use it to jolt blockers backwards on a consistent basis; can be passive when it comes to initiating contact
  • Has speed and quickness to run around blockers or beat them to a spot
  • Very good at sifting through trash and finding the ball-carrier in traffic

TACKLING (11.25/15)

  • Reliable tackler when he takes good angles to the ball-carrier
  • Tendency to tackle high and drag runners down — doesn’t routinely come to balance, break down and run through tackle attempts; allows yards after contact
  • Takes poor downhill pursuit angles a little too often


  • Decent feel in zone coverage
  • Has fluidity to drop comfortably
  • Was seldom used in man coverage but showed the speed and fluidity to stick with tight ends and running backs in small sample size

BLITZ (4/5)

  • Speed and quickness to be an effective blitzer through gaps or off the edge
  • Has power to generate pressure with push on offensive lineman

MOTOR (5/5)

  • High motor player
  • Hustles all over the field to make pursuit plays

OVERALL GRADE: 80.50/100.00 — 1ST ROUND — Rookie starter; top-15 player at position/Pro Bowl potential

SCHEME FIT: 4-3 Mike or Sam linebacker is ideal; fits at 3-4 inside linebacker and possibly 4-3 Will


“As a converted running back with less than three years of experience playing full-time linebacker, Devin White is still a fairly raw prospect. That being said, all of his flaws appear to be fixable with coaching and experience. White is an excellent athlete with prototypical size, strength and range to handle mike linebacker responsibilities. His sideline-to-sideline range is very good, his instincts and coverage ability are adequate, and his effort is terrific.

His biggest weaknesses are his block-shedding and over-aggressiveness in run support. White is a reliable tackler when he takes good pursuit angles and squares up ball-carriers, but too often he misjudges angles and flies past the intended target. He has a tendency to tackle high, but he almost always gets runners on the ground when he gets a clean wrap on them. He clearly has the strength to hold up at the point of attack as a run defender, but he doesn’t strike blockers with power or disengage from blocks consistently. White has Pro Bowl potential if he can improve his take-on skills, hasten his processing and learn to play with better discipline and control.” — Dan Wussow

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