2019 NFL Draft Scouting Report: Oklahoma QB Kyler Murray

HEIGHT: 5-10


COLLEGE: Oklahoma

CLASS: Redshirt Junior

2018 STATS: 260/377, 69%, 4,361 yards, 11.6 YPA, 42 TD, 7 INT, 199.2 RATE (14 games)

CAREER STATS: 350/519, 67.4%, 5,406 yards, 10.4 YPA, 50 TD, 14 INT, 181.3 RATE (29 games)

GAMES WATCHED (14): Florida Atlantic, UCLA, Iowa State, ArmyBaylor, Texas, TCU, Kansas State, Texas Tech, Oklahoma State, KansasWest Virginia, Texas (B12CG) Alabama (2018)



  • Falls well short of prototypical NFL quarterback measurements (although size isn’t much of a hindrance to his game)
  • More restricted than most quarterbacks with middle of the field passing windows due to lower ball trajectory
  • Meets hand size threshold (9 1/2″)


  • Good accuracy at all levels of the field (short, intermediate and deep)
  • Excellent accuracy on the move rolling to either side
  • Good off-platform thrower — can deliver accurate passes without feet set; able to alter arm angles and still put the ball on target
  • Generally does a good job of leading receivers to YAC with precise ball placement
  • Ball placement on far sideline throws is inconsistent — tendency to place these balls too low, forcing receivers into steep adjustments
  • Very good at throwing with touch and pace


  • Makes all of the required NFL throws
  • Can launch the ball 55-60 yards downfield with good velocity
  • Capable of making throws from far hash to sideline
  • Zips the ball into tight windows at every level of the field
  • Maintains velocity on the move


  • Solid field vision — has shown the ability to progress through multiple reads but needs to do it on a more consistent basis
  • Can linger on primary read too long and fail to see open receivers as a result
  • Has shown the ability to make own pre-snap adjustments at the line of scrimmage
  • Decision-making is generally solid
  • Resorts to “hero ball” at times — will throw the ball up for grabs when he’s under pressure or when he’s held the ball for a while and doesn’t see a receiver that’s clearly open — needs to throw the ball away more consistently and “concede” sacks at times
  • Shows signs of anticipatory feel — especially on out-breaking routes — but could be better at anticipating middle of the field throwing windows
  • Good internal clock — has a pretty good feel for when to escape the pocket/get rid of the ball


  • Bails on the pocket too early at times when he senses pressure — will drop eyes and miss reads on occasion as a result
  • Good pocket awareness and feel — does a nice job of feeling pressure and generally maneuvers well within the pocket to buy time
  • Remains poised in the face of pressure


  • Quick, explosive, over-the-shoulder release
  • Usually keeps himself in a “ready to throw” position, but sometimes he doesn’t reset his feet when he’s forced off his spot in the pocket
  • Consistently steps into throws and drives the ball with his lower half
  • Gets shoulders and feet pointed toward the intended target whether stationary or on the move
  • Occasionally falls away from throws unnecessarily but natural accuracy and arm strength usually compensate


  • Elite short-area quickness and burst
  • Very good top-end speed (est. 4.4 40)
  • Does a nice job of sliding to avoid big hits
  • Has the ability to make free rushers miss in the pocket


  • One-year starter (17 games) — may face a steep learning curve upon transitioning to the NFL due to limited game experience in college
  • Physical toughness — willing to stand in the pocket and take hits
  • Mental toughness — kept fighting to come back in the Orange Bowl despite large early deficit; led Sooners to a comeback win in the Big 12 Championship against Texas; bounced back from two very bad interceptions early in the Texas Tech game and led his team to a win
  • Two-sport athlete — baseball background


  • Didn’t verbally commit to playing football in the NFL until mid-February — is he all about football? Will he bolt for the MLB if he struggles early on?

OVERALL GRADE: 84.50/100.00 — 1ST ROUND — Rookie starter; top-15 player at position/Pro Bowl potential

SCHEME FIT: Spread/Option


“Kyler Murray is almost unprecedentedly small for a player at his position. While his height occasionally limits him with middle of the field passing windows, it’s not a major hindrance to his play, and he clearly possesses exceptional physical talent.

Murray has very good arm strength, overall accuracy and excellent mobility. He will need to improve his eye discipline/manipulation, anticipation and consistency with progression reads, but his inexperience suggests that those weaknesses could be improved upon over time. Murray has flashed the ability to make pre-snap reads, throw with anticipation and get through full-field progressions, but he will need to improve his consistency in the cerebral aspects of the quarterback position if he hopes to realize his immense potential.” — Dan Wussow

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