2019 NFL Draft Scouting Report: Ohio State QB Dwayne Haskins Jr.



COLLEGE: Ohio State

CLASS: Redshirt Sophomore

2018 STATS: 373/533, 70.0%, 4,831 yards, 9.1 YPA, 50 TD, 8 INT (14 games)

CAREER STATS: 413/590, 70.0%, 5,396 yards, 9.1 YPA, 54 TD, 9 INT (22 games)

GAMES WATCHED (9): Oregon State, TCU, Penn State, IndianaPurdue, Nebraska, Michigan StateMichiganWashington

5.04 28.5″


  • Good size for an NFL QB at a listed 6-3, 231 lbs.
  • 9 5/8″ hands


  • Slightly above average arm strength
  • Can launch the ball 55-60 yards downfield
  • Good short and intermediate velocity, adequate deep velocity
  • Puts too much air under deep passes at times
  • Adequate drive velocity outside the numbers
  • Velocity on the move is average


  • Good overall accuracy when kept clean
  • Very good short accuracy (0-10 yards)
  • Good intermediate accuracy (11-19 yards)
  • Solid deep ball accuracy (20+ yards)
  • Struggles to throw running back swings out of the backfield
  • Ball placement on outside the numbers throws is a little inconsistent
  • Struggles with accuracy on the move
  • Accuracy drops sharply when forced off his spot/forced to reset his feet
  • Accuracy vs. pressure is typically poor


  • Very good at pre-snap reads — adept at identifying where his favorable matchups are pre-snap and is comfortable making his own sight adjustments at the line of scrimmage; does a good job of recognizing blitz and throwing to his hot receiver
  • Pretty good field vision — comfortable working through full-field progressions, solid progression rate
  • Has anticipatory feel — comfortable throwing receivers open
  • Decision-making is inconsistent — usually decisive, but forces some very risky off-balance throws when pressured
  • Plays too risk-averse at times with quick checkdowns
  • Solid eye discipline/manipulation — has shown the ability to move/hold safeties and linebackers with his eyes; occasionally locks onto targets and telegraphs intentions/doesn’t see open receivers
  • Pretty good internal clock — generally has a good feel for when to escape the pocket/get rid of the ball


  • Pocket feel is inconsistent — does a nice job of stepping up in the pocket to avoid edge pressure at times, but doesn’t do it consistently
  • Doesn’t move well laterally in the pocket — drifts into pressure at times
  • Occasionally drops his eyes and leaves the pocket early when he senses pressure


  • Not a complete statue in the pocket, but mobility outside of the pocket is pretty limited
  • Can’t extend plays outside of the pocket for very long
  • Not a running threat (est. low 4.9 40)


  • Quick release — slight drop of the ball in wind-up, but gets it out fairly quickly and releases it over the shoulder
  • Drop footwork is generally smooth — will need to adjust to 5- and 7-step drops from under center
  • Allows rush to affect his mechanics —  frequently falls away from throws vs. pressure; doesn’t consistently reset his feet when forced off his spot
  • Doesn’t consistently step into throws and drive the ball with his lower half


  • One-year starter (14 starts) — will likely have a steep learning curve in the NFL due to inexperience
  • Toughness — will stand in the pocket and take hits
  • Leadership/character — highly regarded by teammates and coaches

OVERALL GRADE: 76.50/100.00 — DAY 2 — complimentary starter/raw player with star potential

SCHEME FIT: West coast offense is ideal compliment for quick-rhythm passing ability


“Dwayne Haskins has impressive polish for a one-year starter. Like Jared Goff, he tends to be very sharp with his accuracy and decision-making when he’s afforded a clean pocket to throw from, but when pressure gets in his face, his lower body mechanics frequently break down, leading to numerous inaccurate throws and poor decisions.

Haskins offers little in the way of scrambling ability and escapability, as he’s not very elusive in the pocket and he’s not very quick or fast to escape the pocket/make plays with his legs. Inside the pocket, he’s decent at buying time with his movement/feel for rush lanes, but occasionally he’ll drop his eyes and miss reads or drift into pressure. Haskins will likely face a steep learning curve upon transitioning to the NFL much like Mitchell Trubisky has with only 14 collegiate starts under his belt. In the long-term, Haskins can develop into a franchise quarterback if his play vs. pressure improves or if he’s afforded the luxury of playing behind a dominant pass-blocking offensive line like Jared Goff has in Los Angeles.” — Dan Wussow

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