2019 NFL Draft Scouting Report: Georgia CB Deandre Baker

HEIGHT: 5-11


COLLEGE: Georgia

CLASS: Senior

2018 STATS: 40 tackles, 2 tackles for loss, 2 interceptions, 9 passes defended, 1 forced fumble (12 games)

CAREER STATS: 116 tackles, 4 tackles for loss, 1 sack, 7 interceptions, 23 passes defended, 2 forced fumbles (36 games)

GAMES WATCHED (11): Tennessee, LSU, South Carolina, MissouriVanderbilt, Kentucky (2018); Oklahoma, Missouri, Mississippi State, Alabama, Tennessee (2017)

4.52 14 118″


  • Good press and off-man coverage skills — does a nice job of staying in hip pocket of receivers (especially on short and intermediate routes)
  • Has trouble carrying speed down the field at times — if he misses his jam/allows a clean release he’s susceptible to getting beaten over the top
  • Solid zone coverage skills — reads keys and gets good breaks on the ball


  • Solid mirror-and-match footwork
  • Has requisite foot quickness to stick with receivers in short and intermediate areas of the field
  • Patient in press coverage — doesn’t flip hips too early and times jams well
  • Shows some hip tightness in transitions
  • Can get high in backpedal at times — needs to sink hips more consistently to maximize change of direction

SPEED/BURST (10.5/15)

  • Long speed appears to be average on film — can allow receivers to gain a step or two of separation on downfield routes
  • Doesn’t have great recovery burst if beaten off the line or down the field
  • Has decent click-and-close, but can’t jump routes/close on underneath receptions as quickly other top cornerbacks


  • Good route recognition — anticipates and feels route breaks well in man; solid feel in zone to be able to jump routes and get good breaks on the ball
  • Does a pretty good job of getting his head around to make plays on the ball downfield


  • Good balls skills — 7 ints and 23 pass breakups in 36 games
  • Very good at playing the ball through receivers’ hands


  • Consistently struggles to free himself from perimeter blocks
  • Inconsistent downhill tackler


  • Average height
  • Long arms (34″)
  • Lacks ideal bulk — play strength is somewhat of a concern; can get bumped off routes


  • No known character concerns
  • No significant injury concerns

OVERALL GRADE: 79.00/100.00 — DAY 2 — Complimentary starter or raw player with star potential

SCHEME FIT: Press or zone coverage

DRAFT PROJECTION: Late-1st to Mid-2nd

“Deandre Baker is a feisty, physical press-man cornerback. He appears to have some athletic limitations with his long speed and change-of-direction, but he offers a high floor and makes up for those deficiencies with refined technique and high football IQ. Baker projects as an instant starter in virtually any scheme, although he would probably fit best in a Cover 2-heavy scheme that provides consistent safety help over the top to cover for pedestrian top-end speed.” – Dan Wussow

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