2018 NFL Draft Scouting Report: Louisville QB Lamar Jackson


Height: 6-2

Weight: 216

College: Louisville

Class: Junior



  • Average height for the position
  • Lean frame could lead to durability concerns at the next level

ARM STRENGTH (13.5/15)

  • Capable of making every required NFL throw
  • Can launch the ball 60+ yards downfield without significant loss of velocity
  • Can drive the ball into tight windows downfield without having his feet set


  • Good short accuracy (74% catchable pass percentage on throws of 0-10)
  • Solid intermediate accuracy (65% catchable pass percentage on throws of 11-19)
  • Inconsistent deep ball accuracy/touch (38% catchable pass percentage on throws of 20+)
  • Good accuracy on over-the-middle throws (i.e. slants, posts)
  • Solid accuracy on the move
  • Inconsistent accuracy/placement on outside the numbers throws
  • Can throw with touch and pace


  • Shows an ability to move defenders with his eyes and utilizes pump fakes to open up throwing windows
  • Field vision is solid overall, but does occasionally linger on downfield targets too long when open options are available underneath; demonstrates an ability to read the entire field
  • Scans the field quickly and knows when to find his checkdown
  • Very good at throwing hot when blitzed
  • Pretty good decision-maker — limits risky throws
  • Anticipatory thrower
  • Shows an ability to throw with timing, but gets the ball out a tad late on occasion


  • Quick, compact, “wrist flick” throwing motion
  • Inconsistent weight transfer — bad habit of locking out lead leg, over-strides on drive throws, base has a tendency get narrow, occasionally hop-steps before throws
  • Needs to do a better job of maintaining mechanics in collapsing pockets


  • Generally a poised passer in the pocket
  • Does a nice job of keeping his eyes downfield under duress
  • Occasionally walks into sacks by stepping up too far in the pocket — pocket feel still developing
  • Solid feel for maneuvering within the pocket
  • Solid pocket awareness


  • RARE athlete at the quarterback position
  • EXTREMELY dangerous running threat
  • Sudden change-of-direction
  • Elite straight-line speed and quickness
  • Highly elusive


  • 3-year starter (22-13 career record as starter)
  • Work ethic — made dramatic improvements in each year as a starter
  • Leadership skills
  • High character
  • Will be just 21 on draft day
  • High football IQ
  • Elevated poor supporting cast
  • Clean off the field


NFL COMPARISON: Marcus Mariota/Michael Vick hybrid

GRADE: 82.00/100.00 – (LATE) 1ST ROUND – Good player with Pro Bowl potential


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