2018 NFL Draft Scouting Report: Oklahoma QB Baker Mayfield



Height: 6-0

Weight: 215

College: Oklahoma

Class: Redshirt Senior


  • Shorter than ideal
  • Good bulk on his frame
  • Meets hand size threshold (9 1/4″)


  • Strong arm that’s capable of making every required NFL throw
  • Has shown the ability to hit receivers 55-60 yards downfield in stride
  • Can really zip the short and intermediate passes


  • Very good general short-to-intermediate accuracy
  • Has decent general deep accuracy, but ball placement could use work — could do a better job of leading receivers on deep patterns
  • Very accurate on the move
  • Excellent touch passer
  • Ball placement tends to dip on drive throws outside the numbers


  • Quick release
  • Base can get wide on drive throws and/or on throws where he’s forced to move his launch point in the pocket


  • Very good with pre-snap reads — capable of making own sight adjustments at the line of scrimmage
  • Good post-snap field vision — can read the entire field and gets through progressions quickly; generally a sound decision-maker
  • Good internal clock
  • Can hold the ball too long and take unnecessary sacks — must learn to throw the ball away
  • Shows flashes of anticipation, but must become more consistent — usually prefers to see it before he throws it
  • Good eye manipulation — uses pump fakes, shoulder fakes and head fakes to open up throwing windows


  • Great pocket awareness
  • Solid pocket mobility
  • Elusive with good escapability
  • Patient in the pocket
  • Poised under pressure — keeps his eyes downfield under duress
  • Will drift in the pocket occasionally

MOBILITY (3.5/5)

  • Solid athlete who can extend plays outside of the pocket
  • Not overly fast, but very good at extending plays with quickness, elusiveness, and instincts (ran 4.84 in the 40)


  • 4-year starter
  • 2-time walk-on (at Texas Tech and Oklahoma)
  • Extremely productive collegiate career
  • Elevated play against better competition (TCU, Ohio State)
  • Excellent leadership qualities — beloved by teammates and coaches
  • Team captain
  • Ultra-competitive nature
  • Toughness — mental and physical
  • Immaturity — February 2017 arrest: public intoxication, disorderly conduct, resisting arrest and fleeing; crotch-grab incident in game against Kansas


NFL COMPARISON: (less athletic) Russell Wilson

GRADE: 85.50/100.00 — (MID) 1ST ROUND — Good player with Pro Bowl potential



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