2018 NFL Draft Scouting Report: UCLA QB Josh Rosen


Height: 6-4

Weight: 226

College: UCLA

Class: Junior



  • Ideal height (6-4) and solid bulk (226 lbs.) for the position
  • Large hands (9 7/8″)


  • Can make 55-60 yard throws in stride
  • Adequate-to-good velocity at all levels of the field
  • Adequate velocity on drive throws; deep outs and comebacks


  • Very good accuracy/ball placement on short and intermediate throws (72% catchable percentage on 0-10 yard throws; 76% catchable percentage on 11-19 yard throws)
  • Can throw a beautiful deep ball, but somewhat of an inconsistent downfield thrower
  • Excellent middle-of-the-field passer; attacks MOF fearlessly and routinely threads the ball into tiny windows
  • Adequate accuracy on the move when rolling to either side
  • Able to make accurate throws from a variety of throwing platforms and arm angles
  • Has displayed feathery soft touch at each level of the field
  • 58% catchable pass percentage vs pressure (per @NFLFilmStudy)
  • 65% catchable pass rating on 3rd and 4th downs (per @NFLFilmStudy)
  • 56% 3rd and 4th down conversion rate (per @NFLFilmStudy)


  • Full-field reader who routinely cycles through progressions at a quick rate
  • Great eye manipulation — adept at looking off second and third level defenders to create throwing lanes
  • Makes own checks and adjustments at the line of scrimmage
  • Good anticipation — regularly throws receivers open
  • Good blitz recognition — knows when to throw “hot”
  • Needs to dial back the “hero” ball — will force some ill-advised throws at times when the pocket gets messy and he’s unable to throw from a clean platform
  • Needs to be more careful with throwaway passes and understand when to take sacks
  • Can be too willing to attempt risky big plays when a checkdown will suffice to extend the possession


  • Quick, compact throwing motion
  • Smooth footwork in the pocket; always in a balanced throwing position
  • Resets feet when forced to maneuver within the pocket
  • Very comfortable with drop footwork (3-, 5-, and 7-step)
  • Able to expedite delivery without compromising base or throwing motion
  • Typically maintains sound mechanics when faced with pressure


  • Good pocket mobility — climbs to avoid backside pressure and sidesteps to maintain the integrity of the pocket
  • Keeps eyes downfield at all times when forced to maneuver within the pocket or escape outside of the pocket
  • Good pocket awareness — generally feels pressure well and maneuvers accordingly


  • Not a scrambler
  • Functional athlete (ran 4.92 in the 40)
  • Decent mobility outside of the pocket, but lacks great escapability
  • Can pick up small chunks of yardage with legs when needed


  • 2.5-year starter
  • Confidence/poise — never seems to get rattled; led huge comeback win against Texas A&M in week 1 of the 2017 season
  • Mental and physical toughness — willing to stand in the pocket and take hits; bounces back well from mistakes
  • Athletic pedigree — parents were national gold medal ice dancers
  • Multi-sport athlete — nationally ranked tennis player in middle school
  • Very intelligent
  • Will be just 21 on draft day
  • Refined mechanics and quick recognition of coverages suggest high work ethic and attention to detail
  • Questions about maturity, outspokenness and leadership


  • Missed final six games of 2016 season due to shoulder injury
  • Missed two games in 2017 due to concussions


NFL COMPARISON: Matt Ryan/Eli Manning

GRADE: 83.75/100.00 — 1ST ROUND — Good player with Pro Bowl potential

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