2017 NFL Draft Scouting Report: Clemson QB Deshaun Watson



Height: 6-2

Weight: 221

College: Clemson

Class: Junior


  • Average height for the position
  • Solid build with lower body thickness
  • Large hands (9 3/4″)


  • Adequate arm strength
  • Good zip on short and intermediate throws
  • Can fit the ball into tight windows
  • Can make most of the required NFL throws
  • Deep outs can flutter a little


  • Pretty good general short-to-intermediate accuracy
  • Deep accuracy (20+ yards) is highly inconsistent; typically sails deep throws, occasionally underthrows targets
  • Solid accuracy on the move
  • Ball placement on intermediate and deep throws can be very spotty
  • Over-the-middle throws like slants and crossers are oftentimes thrown a little behind the target, which forces receivers to break stride and adjust
  • Good timing — gets ball out on schedule
  • Very good at throwing the back-shoulder fade
  • Struggles with accuracy vs. pressure (36% catchable pass rating when pressured)
  • 47% completion percentage on passes 15+ yards down the field
  • Balls get batted down at line of scrimmage a lot (13 times in 2016)


  • Quick, compact throwing motion
  • Solid footwork from the pocket
  • Tendency to over-stride on drive throws
  • Can sail throws when he has to crank up the velocity


  • Very good at identifying favorable matchups pre-snap
  • Displays limited ability to read the field (almost exclusively half-field reads, vast majority of throws are to first read)
  • Shows some ability to move defenders with his eyes
  • Struggles to recognize zone coverage, doesn’t see lurking zone defenders underneath
  • Sometimes misses wide open receivers underneath
  • Stares down receivers more than you’d like
  • Shows some ability to throw receivers open, anticipate throwing windows
  • Forces too many throws into double, sometimes triple coverage
  • College system featured many predetermined reads, didn’t have to make as many decisions on his own/outside of the structure


  • Very good pocket awareness
  • Has a good feel for when and how to move in the pocket to avoid the rush
  • Does a nice job of keeping his eyes downfield when he’s forced to maneuver within the pocket or escape
  • Calm demeanor in the face of pass rush
  • Will bail out of clean pockets at times

MOBILITY — 4.5/5

  • Legitimate dual-threat (ran 4.66 in the 40-yard dash); can be utilized on designed runs
  • Good speed, elusiveness, vision, and instincts as a runner
  • Very good at extending plays outside the pocket with his feet


  • 2.5-year starter
  • 32-3 career record
  • Led his team to two consecutive national championship games and won one of them
  • Excellent football and personal character
  • Great leadership skills
  • Mental and physical toughness — played through torn ACL as a freshman; doesn’t get rattled by mistakes
  • Intelligent and hardworking — graduated with Bachelor’s in Communication in three years
  • Clutch factor — plays his best when the stakes are highest and the spotlight shines the brightest

TOTAL GRADE: 78.75/100.00 – (EARLY) DAY 2 – complimentary starter or raw player with star potential

NFL COMPARISON: (Rich Man’s) Tyrod Taylor

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