2017 NFL Draft Scouting Report: North Carolina QB Mitch Trubisky


Height: 6-2

Weight: 222

College: North Carolina

Class: Redshirt Junior


  • Meets height threshold for most teams
  • Good bulk on his frame
  • Meets hand size threshold at 9 1/2″

ARM STRENGTH (13.5/15)

  • Good arm strength
  • Capable of making tight window throws at each level of the field
  • Can throw the deep outs with good zip


  • Very accurate passer to the short and intermediate areas of the field
  • Decent deep ball accuracy, but tends to put too much air under these passes
  • Accurate passer on the move
  • Solid accuracy numbers vs pressure (50% on catchable passes)
  • Excellent touch


  • Quick, compact release
  • Generally displays good drop footwork
  • Can get “happy feet” in the pocket when he senses pressure
  • Falls away from too many throws when anticipating pressure
  • Bad habit of locking out his lead leg, especially when throwing deep
  • Occasionally drops arm angle unnecessarily


  • Good field vision — consistently goes through multiple progressions
  • Good eye discipline — has shown an ability to move defenders with his eyes; typically refrains from staring down receivers
  • Good anticipation
  • Generally a good decision-maker
  • Limited responsibility at line of scrimmage
  • Can get baited into risky throws by disguised coverages


  • Generally poised in the pocket
  • Keeps eyes downfield as he maneuvers within the pocket
  • Very elusive inside the pocket
  • Can be late too feel pressure at times


  • Very good at extending plays outside of the pocket with his athleticism


  • Inexperienced — 1-year starter, 13 career starts
  • Toughness — willing to stand in the pocket and take hits
  • Good personal and football character
  • Clutch — plays well from behind and late in games


GRADE 82.25/100.00 – 1ST ROUND – Good player with Pro Bowl potential

image (9)

NFL COMPARISON: Tony Romo/Derek Carr

PLAYER SUMMARY Mitch Trubisky possesses the tools that are needed to develop into a Pro Bowl-caliber quarterback in the NFL. One of the first things that stands out about the North Carolina signal-caller is his accuracy. Trubisky displays great accuracy and ball placement on throws to the short and intermediate areas of the field. On vertical throws, Trubisky has demonstrated the touch and accuracy to “drop it in the bucket” over defenders, although he has a tendency to (slightly) underthrow receivers on deep shots down the field. This is primarily due to a bad habit of locking out his lead leg. Trubisky doesn’t have elite arm strength, but he has enough to make every NFL throw. One of Trubisky’s biggest assets as a passer is his field vision and eye discipline. Trubisky does a great job going through his progressions and looking off defenders to create throwing windows. Trubisky’s biggest question marks are his inexperience (1-year starter), system translation, and inconsistencies with mechanics and decision-making. Though Trubisky will likely face system concerns similar to what Marcus Mariota did before him, I believe that he can transcend the system because of his field vision, eye discipline, anticipation, and arm talent.


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