2017 NFL Draft Scouting Report: Florida State RB Dalvin Cook


Height: 5-10

Weight: 210

College: Florida State

Class: Junior


  • Great explosiveness — quick AND fast, elite suddenness, great burst/stop-start quickness
  • Great elusiveness — can make defenders miss in tight spaces (juke, jump-cut, stutter-step)
  • Toughness — good leg drive, tough inside runner, finishes runs, good stiff arm
  • Tremendous balance and body control
  • Excellent vision — anticipates opening running lanes and recognizes cutback lanes consistently
  • Decisiveness — very little hesitation behind the line, no dancing
  • Patience — great at setting up blocks
  • Instinctiveness — knows when to bounce runs outside
  • Receiving skills — quality route runner with good hands


  • Ball security — 6 fumbles in 2016
  • Blitz pickup — willing and aware pass protector, but lacks consistency/technique
  • Average power — can break tackles when speed is up
  • Character concerns — battery allegation/arrest (charges dropped) in 2015, animal mistreatment citation in 2014, criminal mischief charge in 2014, robbery charge and arrest in 2009, illegal possession and firing of a weapon on school property charges and arrest in 2010


GRADE 82.00/100.00 – LATE 1ST ROUND – Rookie starter; good player who could develop into a Pro Bowler


PLAYER SUMMARY Dalvin Cook is a rare talent at the running back position. The former Seminole combines excellent explosiveness and elusiveness with solid power and toughness between the tackles. Cook displays exceptional vision, patience, and decisiveness at the line of scrimmage and in the open field, where he routinely identifies and exploits opening creases. In the passing game, Cook displays soft hands and good route running ability, although he will need to fine-tune his pass-blocking skills to become a reliable three-down option at the next level. Ball security is another area where Cook will need to improve, as the running back coughed up 6 fumbles over the course of his junior campaign. Cook’s biggest question marks stem from his off-the-field transgressions, as he has a history of run-ins with the law. On the field, however, there are few questions about the running back’s ability. 

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